Home prepared cold wax for depilation

hair removal

hair removal

Every woman dream is smooth and soft skin without hair. The hair removal of some parts of the body many times is problematic and painful. To remove the unwanted hair on the body you does not need to go to beauty salons or to spend a lot of time in markets looking for products for waxing.

Our suggestion is to make a home prepared cold wax for depilation with ingredients that you have in your kitchen. Regular depilation with cold wax will reduce the hair growing, the procedure is simpler, faster and no risk of burns. Home prepared wax does not contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and it is recommended for all skin types.

All you need to make the home prepared cold wax for depilation are:

  • a cup of sugar
  • a cup of honey
  • 1/2 cup fresh juice of lemon(in exchange you can use apple acid)


  1. In a small pot on fire of medium temperature you put a cup of sugar. As soon as the sugar will melt and get a light brown color you remove the pot from fire.
  2. Immediately add the honey and freshly pressed lemon juice. You mixed up the ingredients nicely to get a homogenous mixture. If necessary return the pot on fire, and cook a minute or two.
  3. The prepared wax stay shortly to cool, you put the mixture in a jar and use as needed.

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