Homemade antifungal foot cream

feet fungus

feet fungus

Anyone who has problems with feet fungus can try this homemade remedy instead of throwing big money on expensive creams when even those sometimes don’t help.


  1. Three (plastic) spoons of pig fat.
  2. Three bigger garlics.
  3. Two spoons of apple vinegar
  4. One spoon of water
  5. Just a hint of cinnamon


Clean the garlic and cut it into little pieces, put the pieces of garlic in a bowl and add one spoon of  water. Then add the 2 spoons of apple vinegar and once again cut the garlic in little pieces to be even more thinly so it can leak its natural juice.In another smaller bowl put 3(plastic) spoons of pig fat stir a little and put little bit of cinnamon and stir again. After you have done all this squeeze the garlic juice and the apple vinegar through a strainer or a gauze, you will have to squeeze a little harder so all the juice is leaked and stir until the juice is united with the fat. And voilà you have yourself a cream. Lubricate the feet with the cream 1-2 times a day for 6 weeks.

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