Can you wash your hair without a shampoo? Many people say YES !

Increasingly popular worldwide trend is hair and skin care based on natural products. 

Whether it comes to skin or face care, women are increasingly opting for products that are based on natural ingredients. According to previous research these natural treatments much less damage the skin and hair.

So-called “no poo” method involves washing hair without use of artificial shampoos, but hair hygiene only, with use of natural products such as water, caustic soda and vinegar.

If you choose this method of washing hair without shampoo , you must be prepared that the first few weeks ( two to six ) your hair will be greasier.


To prepare this natural shampoo you need water and caustic soda. In a three deciliters glass place one spoon of caustic soda and pour the boiled water. When the mixture cools, it is ready for use. Apply the liquid to wet hair by starting at the roots and working to the ends. Massage it nicely and wait three minutes to act. Then wash the hair after she’s ready to use a conditioner that can be prepared with a combination of water and vinegar.


In half a liter bottle pour half deciliter apple cider vinegar and warm and apply it to your hair then wash it and massage it nicely. Vinegar would give shine to your hair, and the solution is adjusted so that there is no danger that your hair will smell of vinegar.
Good luck!

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