Make your teeth perfectly white

We all want to have irresistible, dazzling smite, and we want our teeth to be shiny and always white. But unfortunately due to introduction to all sorts of food, and our fast tempo of living, our teeth begin to change and go through various stages, they become yellow even sometimes appearance of a tartar. For that not to happen, and to keep your teeth always perfectly white we are bringing you simple and effective solutions.

Keep reading and find out which foods will help us for shiny and perfect smile.




Maybe not the soft part of the banana, but the banana peel can certainly make our teeth whiter. The inner part of the banana skin massage your teeth and gums. Do the massage at least 2 minutes and only then you can use toothpaste. After few days repeating you can notice that your teeth begin to brighten up.




You must have heard about strawberries and their immense power of teeth whitening, and has already been considered as the friendly fruit of dental hygiene. Specifically, in strawberries can be found unique fruit acid that prevents teeth stains from food and drinks.




I bet your grandparents have talked about apples being the natural toothbrush. They are right! When chewing an apple its pieces are dragging between their gums and teeth, and in the mound they are creating a new kind of saliva which cleanses the teeth from all kind of bacteria and neutralizes the acid, and thus keeping the teeth protected from caries.




The acid from the citrus, especially lemon and lime are containing enzymes that kill bacteria, including those that are blamed for bread breath. Also, the citrus by increasing the secretion of the saliva washes away the remains of food and drinks that accumulate between the teeth.


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