Try this: the prefect juice recipe for weight loss

The fact remains that even one cup of green tea accelerates the metabolism up to 12% regulates the blood sugar and protect from cardiac arrests and tumors, builds up the immune system and has positive affect on our mood. If you don’t like the taste of the green team, this is the perfect recipe for you.





1 Liter of water

5 bags of green tea

1 orange

A handful of fresh mint


In 1 liter of boiled water put the 5 bags of green tea. Leave them there for 3 minutes then take them out and let the liquid cool off. Cut the orange in slices preferably with the white part. In a big jar with a lid pour the green tea and a handful of fresh mint. Close the lid tight and leave it through the night so all the components can come together perfectly. One individual should drink 0.5 liters a day from the prepared juice. Professionals are advising one cup after before every meal and guaranteed victory against the war on weight gain.


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