Fascinating facts about black holes that you will find interesting.

The most mysterious objects in the Universe are the black holes which makes them a real challenge for the scientists over the years.

1. The black holes can be formed when one star is dying, feeding themselves with the dust and the gases around them.That’s just an assumption, because no one really knows how the supermassive black holes are born.


2. The black holes are the densest objects in existence.

3. A team of scientists have been observing a galaxy 1.5 billion light years away from Earth and they found out that the black holes are capable of emitting materials with the speed of light. The wave are so strong that it could push the gas from the galaxy.


4. The Milky Way has one supermassive black hole in the center which exploded 2 million light years ago.


5. The reason why the black holes are black is because their strong gravity. They emit the so called Hawking radiation, named after Steven Hawking,the genius who provided a theoretical argument for its existence in 1974.

Star distorted by supermassive black hole

6. The supermassive black holes probably exist in the center of a lot of galaxies, or some scientists believe that every black hole has a universe inside it, which means that our universe is inside a black hole.


7. There are also white holes which are indefinitely expanding the matter in the universe. The White hole theories were only hypothetical until in 2006, when some unusual gamma rays were noticed which opened the possibility of them being real, living white holes.


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