Simple steps that will lead you to a memorable sex

It’s easy to experience the best sex of your life, only necessary is to have a partner, and follow these simple instructions. It is important to work on its improvement. We provide some tips that will instantly improve your sex life.

Do not act orgasms 

Lets be realistic. Acting orgasm for some women it is almost a habit. Only 60 percent of women admitted that at least once faked orgasm. If you have this habit, it could cause serious problems with intimacy, a lower self-esteem, but also in the relationship. If you and your partner are not communicating for what you like and dislike, and that you are not experiencing orgasm, he would think that everything is fine and will not try to give you satisfaction you deserve.

Be honest with each other  

With your partner always be honest and open. Studies have shown that open and positive partner have greater sexual satisfaction. If you keep on doing something you do not like, do not remain silent, but simply tell him that.

love couple

Be clear and loud

 Stop stifle your sexy sighs. Feel free to express yourself and let your voice. This will encourage your partner, and give him clear that you feel good, and you are very excited.

Much more, much better 

It is important to improve
yours sexual adventures, and practice is the right and only way for it. Frequent sex lead to better sex because that enhances your self-esteem, get closer to your partner, and you will become happier and healthier.

Be Innovative

Do not stop to be creative and trying new things. Try with sex toys, lubricant or maybe with new position and location.

Follow your mood

 It is normally your mood to be variable during the day, and sex also supposed to reflect that. If you want an emotional connection or something that involves eye
contact, try the missionary position. If you feel optimistic and excited, try a new position.


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