Planetary Nebulae are amazing and here’s why !!!


  1. A Nebula can be formed in the interstellar medium when gravitational collapse of gasses happen. Every single piece has its own gravitational attraction that lumps the particles together in formation of a cloud.
  2. If one nebula extends only one light year, her diameter is going to be around 9.460.800.000.000 kilometers and they can expand for more than 100 light years in space. So you do the math… Or don’t. Just imagine how gigantic they can be.
  3. The Nebulae are also known as star nurseries in space because very often the stars are being born in them.
  4. The nebulae can be formed in myriad of shapes. They can look like a crab, a flower, an eagle, even like a horse. It all depends on how they look from your perspective.
  5. High-energy photons that are released from a close hot star are the main reason why the ionization happens. The process of ionization of the gases produces a light in diverse colors creating the emission nebula.
    Some remarkable nebulae:
    Ant Nebula
    Boomerang Nebula
    Horsehead Nebula
    Lagoon Nebula
    Orion Nebula
    Tarantula Nebula
    Helix Nebula
    Fox Fur Nebula
    Eta Carinae Nebula

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