How much sleep does your baby need ?

Small babies every moment while are awake spend exploring everything that surrounds them. Consequently they need plenty of rest. While are asleep their bodies are resting, and their brain trying to make sense of what they have experienced while they were awake.

Every baby is different and has its own needs. Some need more sleep than others, but mostly for your dearest let us to inform you about this subject.

sleeping baby



Newborns are without a sense of time, they sleep when are tired, and wake up when are hungry. They sleep 15 – 18 hours a day, but in short period of 2 – 4 hours. Early born babies sleep longer. Time intervals of sleeping, with a breast milk feeding are shorter (2-3 hours), because they digest this milk faster. Newborns sleep during the day and night. They don’t follow any regular pattern and they are very unpredictable. You must comply with their rhythm and do what is comfortable for them.

1-4 Months

During this period your baby sleeps 14 ½ -15 ½ hours, and you may notice some sleep patterns that your baby follows. The longest period of sleeping is 4-6 hours, and that usually occurs at night. Your baby can’t stay awake longer than 2 hours. You can recognize when your baby is sleepy. If you notice signs like rubbing his eyes and tugging the ears, take it to the crib and make him peaceful place to be able to sleep. Now the baby is sensitive to light and sounds, so leave him to sleep in quiet and dark room.

4-12 Months

In this period they need to sleep up to 15 hours. Babies who are 11 months old, they sleep 12 ½ hours. The most important thing at this stage is to establish healthy sleep habits. When baby wakes up at night with crying, it will be worse if you go immediately in its room, unless it is hungry or sick. You should be persistent in order to create a habit of sleeping.

1-3 Years

During this period, your little one is very active and still needs a lot of rest. While ideally need to sleep up to 14 hours a day, your child sleeps about 10 ½. During the day there is a need to sleep just once.

It is very important to maintain the established sleep habits. Your dearest probably go to bed 19 – 21 PM and wakes up 6 – 8 AM.

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