Exoskeleton of the future!

The case of a young man, paralyzed by half-down after an incident with BMX, which will get the chance to walk again, will give you a little hope for the future.



Scientists, at the Berkeley University in California, are developing robotic exoskeleton named Phoenix, which will cost roughly $40,000 and will help you walk again if you are using a wheelchair.

It is what happened with Steven, who is able to walk again, thanks to this beautiful discovery.

This exoskeleton works with small engines and is very user friendly. It allows users to control each leg separately while giving them a chance to walk with maximum speed of 17km/h. Easy to use, you just need to press the buttons that are integrated in the crutches.

With only 27 pounds, Phoenix is one of the lightest and cheapest exoskeletons you can find.

Phoenix is modular, so it can adapt to different weight and height. That’s what makes him so perfect for most of the people.

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