Earnings of applications are greater than the income of the music industry ?!?!?!

The application market this year for the first time will rise above the music industry with expected 51 billions dollars revenue growth.

Earning of the music industry over the last decade has covered around 46 billion dollars on a yearly basis, and this year is expected to grow slightly. However the earning of the music industry will be lower compared to the earning of the applications industry.

By 2020, the number of downloads of applications should reach 285 billion, also growth is predicted in the music industry which should reach to 47,7 billion dollars.Apps

When it comes to word only the earnings from downloading the applications, in 4 years the number should double itself and it will be around 100 billion dollars per year. Research shows that countries with biggest growth will be Indonesia, India, Mexico and Argentina.


Last year the biggest number of downloaded apps occurred in USA, but these year China is already in the lead. The biggest store for apps will continue to be ”Apple” but also research shows that Google Play will rise up the scales.

Few years back most used apps were  video games and medium companies apps, but more and more people are using apps that are for traveling, shopping, banking, music and of-course the social networks apps.

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