Kawah Ijen – The volcano famous for his electric-blue lava.

Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen

The Indonesian volcano Kawah Ijen stands out from all other volcanoes on our planet Earth and the rest of the volcanoes met in our solar system . Although it sounds unbelievable this volcano is spewing blue lava, and the reason is simple chemistry.


Actually volcanoes come in a variety of destructive forms. From the volcano Kilauea that erupts and ejects the lava in long periods and extremely slow through Fuji, which sleeps fro centuries before it erupts causing total cataclysm, to the volcanoes of Jupiter’s moon whose eruptions columns in height and reach up to 500 kilometers.

Every single volcano that is active and produces lava the color is orange, so why this Indonesian volcano has blue and some will say turquoise color even if its temperature and and chemical composition do not differ from the rest of the volcanoes on this planet.

As you probably already know, lava releases a huge amount of thermal energy. The thermal radiation of lava gives its unique characteristically color, and if the lava burned some material then it can come to mild or radical change. In fact the lava from the volcano Kawah Ijen consumes sulfur which it gives her the turquoise color.

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