We’ll live under water and eat 3D printed food?

Group of academics, architects, futurists are predicting how life will be in 100 years from now, and their ideas are quite interesting!

underwater city concept

underwater city concept

Experts are predicting that enormous drones will be able to lift and move whole buildings, houses even sky-scrapers! Besides land building, we will be building in the sea in order to live under water. As weird as this sounds, our Earth is getting over crowded every day, so this might be our best solution!

Floating communities will mean people can continuously move around to take advantage of the best climates

3D printed food will be just as usual as the one naturally grown, so you will be able to get your desired food anytime you want. We will be printing whole furniture, bathrooms and houses as well. Mars and Moon will be colonized, which will allow space travelling to be an option just as any commercial flight nowadays.  Our homes will be equipped with LED ambient walls that can change colors.

Any food you desire in just minutes

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