Pushing competition: Who will win F1 car or a rugby team ?

F1 car vs Rugby Team

F1 car vs Rugby Team

What is your opinion? Who will prevail and take the victory home in an unusual pushing competition between a rugby team and F1 car with an engine strong of 800 horsepower. Machine versus man, technology versus will, metal versus muscle.



Since the creation of the first machines there is a dilemma of how can they replace human power, endurance and strength . Sure they are very useful and handy especially in the 21st century but even at the very peak of the modern technology can they go versus hard trained rugby team. Let us see the answer.

In the F1 car RB8 (Red Bull 8) piloting by Daniel Ricciardo, using a special modified ”nose” with one of a kind construction, ”stepped on line” with 8 rugby english representatives, whose total weight is over 900 kg. Pushing can begin: Human Or Machine ?

Judging by everything, it was a draw, respectively each retained its own position. However the F1 car was on a smooth asphalt like as it is on racing trails, so it did not reached its full potential. Although the resistance met by the rugby team was more than impressive.

Take a look at the video and find out what is all really about:

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