Exciting new technology : Full Screen in your eye!


Virtual reality technology is currently in full swing – Oculus, Google, HTC, Microsoft are just some of the companies that produce and improve their devices. Can you imagine the technology limits after this, they can’t seem to stop us form being amazed. What is next?


But, Future Industries announced something new and exciting and currently are actively working on the development of more sophisticated equipment.

Australian scientists claim to be close to developing electronic contact lenses which represent a kind of ” putting on display” of the eye. That experience of virtual reality is proving to be  possible without placing great devices on the head, and will look very smooth and elegant.


The point is in the implementation of energy to the screen of contact lenses. We are excited by the findings of other scientists , such as those who have found that tears can be used as an energy source. The lenses can be modified and implement as the technology moves forwards.

Such lenses can be of use to medicinal purposes – measurement of blood sugar and supervision of the general condition and temperature of the body.

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