After all it exists: The boiling hot river in the Peruvian Amazon.

Boiling River

Boiling River

The mysterious river in the amazon which her water is hot just enough for her to be able to make tea, and in some places literally boils.
it was discovered by geologist Andreas Ruzo whit the help of his aunt, and now tries to preserve this great river.




Ruzo learned about this river by his grandfather telling him how Spanish conquistadors killed the last king of the Incas.

After that, the Spaniards went so deep into the forest in search of gold, and when they returned , they spoke about the terrible things they experienced such as a poisonous water snake that eats people and the river which is so hot that it can not be touched with a finger.

As a young doctor in geophysics “Southern Methodist University”, Ruzo wanted to find his story told mysterious river.

While i was growing up and coming to an age i started to doubt and question if that is possible. A river that boils is possible, but they will havea strong source of heat, and in that case that would be the volcanoes.


One day during lunch, his aunt told him that she really saw that river , even swam in it. Despite the skepticism, Ruzo in 2011 along with his aunt went to the jungle.

He soon discovered the river that boils near sacred healing area of people called Asháninka. In the widest part of the river is wide 25 meters and about six meters deep.

“If you lay a hand in the water , you get third-degree burns . If you dive into the river, it would certainly result in death.” – said Ruzo

The river is boiling because of the cracks in the rock that lies underneath .
“Just as we have hot blood that flows through our veins, and the earth has hot water flowing through its cracks and fissures .

Earth arteries when they reach the surface , comes to geothermal phenomena: evaporation , heat sources, or in this case, rivers that are alive . Parts of the river are so hot, the animals soon die when they fall into it, ” explains Ruzo .
He said he had witnessed many animals suffered tragically. First it boils your eyes and they become milky white . They were trying to swim , but couldn’t escape because the heat quickly killed them.

Science has not dealt with this phenomenon, but Ruzo plans to change that.

He published the book ” River boiling : adventure and discovery in the Amazon ,” and now is trying to protect the river environment which is destroyed by felling forests.

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