The future is here: Advancement in cryonics !!!

A rabbit brain was frozen using cryonics, marking the first time when mammal’s brain going through this processes and coming out in ”almost perfect” condition.

In the world of science fiction we have often had the chance how people using cryonics managed to extend their life cycle. The new technology that the scientists have used in the process of the ”brain freeze” could have a potential major role in the future of cryonics development.

Scientists now claim that for the first time they managed to frozen and thawed out the brain of a rabbit, which remained almost in perfect condition. Experts group “21st century medicine”, used this technique, cardiovascular system in the brain of the rabbit filled with chemicals that make it possible to freeze at -135 degrees Celsius .

Experts first soaked the brain with glutaraldehyde, which otherwise used as a preservative , and then he added cryoprotectant liquid. During this process, membranes , synapses and other structures remained intact after being removed chemicals and the brain was heated.

” The brain was analyzed under electron microscope and we saw that all the links are left intact ,” said Michael Cerulo Foundation “Brain Preservation”. The scientists who worked on this research , the foundation awarded them a prize of 26,735 dollars

After the procedure its said that every neuron and synapse look perfectly persevered, which is a big improvement over the usual methods that the human brain was coming to dehydration and decomposition of relations. The next step for the scientist working in this area would be  freezing and preserving the  brains of larger mammals.

Take a look at the video below for more detailed information:

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