7 crazy theories that scientists have about the universe !!!

We went through a long way since the time of Galileo and those who thought that the earth was flat but we are still light years away to understand what actually is happening in the universe. Okay, Hubble Space Telescope and the like helped us greatly unwrap some of the greatest discoveries , but this is child’s play when considering the crazy theories that scientists have about the universe.

The Sun and the planets of the Solar System

The Sun and the planets of the Solar System











  1. There is an infinite number of other universes

We like to think that the universe we live is unique one of a kind, but perhaps it is not so special after all. In fact, among ours there may be an infinite number of universes, just imagine INFINITE. Lets not confuse ourselves with advanced physics (which for it we need a doctorate to unpack), but the point is this: There was a Big Bang about 13 billion years ago and it was so awesome and powerful that not only shaped our universe but it gave the universe a life, a chance to spread exponentially. Even some astrophysicists believe that the Big loud Bang created a whole pile of other universes that are uniquely shaped and radically different from ours, and we coexist independently, separated by distances much greater than 92 billion light years.

2. Our universe contains 9th hidden planet

Since it was decided that Pluto had very dwarfish looks to be considered a planet and was voted out, it was hard not be disappointed in our solar system, if nothing else nine is better than eight. But perhaps there is still glimmer of hope that we will have nine planets again, because there is a growing evidence there is a ninth planet the size of a Neptune (Planet X) and looming far behind Pluto in extremely elliptical orbit that takes around the sun once over 15.000 years.

3. We live in a gigantic computer simulation created by super advanced aliens

As many scientists theorize , if aliens really exist, estimations are that they are technologically more advanced, perhaps millions of years ahead of us. Based on this assumption , some scientists and philosophers are speculating that actually we exist in reality created by them in some kind of virtual game in which not only the world is simulated, but the human consciousness as well. Here’s another thing to think about while you try to sleep tonight …

4. The universe will come to an end by gradual freezing

There are many theories of how and what will it look like the end of the universe, but one of the most popular among scientists is called the “Big Freeze”. The theory suggests that the universe is slowing down with its spreading and will gradually start to cool to the point where he performs entropy, planets and stars will start to wither and die and can no longer sustain life in any form. It is true that the universe is crazy cold, but we are talking about absolute zero and zero light.But remember there is no need to stuck on food and supplies just yet, because if this is about to happen it will be in like gazillion years.

5. Or the universe will just tore itself apart – sounds gruesome

While the “Big Freeze ” is considered the most likely scenario , scientists have speculated about the possibility where the universe is tearing itself apart. The theory revolves around how dark energy behaves. If you do not keep constant but gradually increase over time , then it could potentially lead to a domino effect that begins with the tearing apart of the entire galaxy, piece by piece.

6. The universe is just one warped chaos – sound something like the Joker would say

For years, cosmologists believed that our universe is isotropic or roughly similar in all directions. But some recent findings suggest that for reasons unknown to us , the universe is actually curved in certain areas.

7. We all live in a hologram ! – Mind is now blown.

Although it sounds like a crazy theory, there are perfectly legitimate astrophysicists who believe that there is a possibility that all our three-dimensional universe is actually a massive projection on a two-dimensional image.

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