Routines that makes you a successful LEADER !

You must pay the price if you want to be the boss. The price is discipline. No leader can not succeed without a certain level of discipline. Disciplined person is willing and able to give up short-term pleasures to achieve long-term gain. Of course , you were required to have disciplined habits. Only disciplined habits people can change their lives.


successful man

successful man

Habits can change the direction of our lives. While some people have poor habits such as gossiping, others have powerful as showing off to others. No matter where you come from or who you are, the habits may form you as a man, or destroy you.



First, you’re day can’t pass without something to learn. Learning can occur in all forms. Personally, you can learn every day at least three hours. This includes: reading vocabulary, reading books, watching videos, review and replication of comments.

2.Setting goals

Every day, you need to set goals. Let’s say you have a goal to live a lavish lifestyle in the next 10 years. If you really want to realize the target, then create ideas that will suit this purpose.


You can put endless goals, but you need the plans to implement them. If you need to reduce the 10 annual targets in years, months, weeks and days, do it. Once you lower into smaller parts you will have to find steps to achieve these results and find a way to be responsible.


In the new millennium we have so many new ways to stay connected. To be effectively connected you should rather be a producer than a consumer . Do not wait for e-mails or phone calls. Instead, make an effort and reach others. Understand that networking is a daily habit.

5.Write diary

Each needs time to think. To think effectively, you need to keep a journal that will allow you to reflections of the day, and think about serious issues. Additionally, you are able to keep together the stories, ideas, jokes, classes, quotes, successes and failures.


To be successful in life, your body must be at the highest level. Your mind keeps asking your body to do unexpected things, so you should be prepared. The best way to prepare your body is to be able to navigate the oceans of success.


Only powerful people know how to rest. After all, that is what you allow it while in power. Some people become so tense over time they erupt. When you’re too stressed, then you lose concentration and control. A person who does not teach how to relax, ends wasting time that could to save.


Every day we get a chance to talk about us. The average person talking to himself at least 12,000 times a day. The difference between the successful and unsuccessful person is what you tell yourself.

9.Improving skills

Every day, you have to work on your skills. Each of us is naturally gifted for some talent that must be rehearsed daily. If you do not use, you lose. For development takes years, but if you have the will to be the best at what you do, you’ll have a great competition.


Successful people have learned to organize true relationship in their lives. This means that they cherish the closest people and their mental, spiritual and emotional side. However, the organization is not formed without effort. It takes time to carefully select the right people.

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