Mystery: What was the sound on The Moon that got the astronauts spooked ?!

The Astronauts from the Apollo mission that visited the moon 2 months before Neil Armstrong took the biggest step for humanity, after landing they heard secretive, unidentified and unusual sounds.

What is interesting is that this ”alleged music” was heard from the other side, ”the dark side” of the moon which is out of range of radio broadcasts on Earth.

Recently discovered footage of the journeys of NASA’s Apollo 10 capsule that approached the dark side of the moon , upon entering lunar orbit shows confused astronauts who heard unusual noise on their headphones. Scary but thrilling.

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

The sound was present while the capsule was on the journey to the other side of the moon where DEFINITELY is out of range of Earth’s radio broadcasts. At one point while this was happening the astronauts were so confused that they were started to wondering whether to tell the command of NASA, or not.

Take a look at the video below:






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