ROBOT wrote a short novel, almost won a literary award.

Many fear that with the development of artificial intelligence, robots will take on human affairs , what are the chances that someone until now has thought that a robot can do a writer’s job, it sounds promising in the ways of science and the future.  Japanese program for artificial intelligence became co -author of a short novel, which recently passed the first stage of selection of Japanese national prize for literature.

Robot's thought (thoughtbot)

Although this time , the  ” robotic ” novel did not took the 1st prize, it is clear that we approach the day when robots will be able to create literature side by side with a human. Sounds astonishing.

The short novel called “The day when a computer wrote a novel ,”  according to the jury , was not good enough to win first prize. Really jury – How can you not be impressed ?Officially, the novel was created by a human team that oversaw the development platform for artificial intelligence. Hitoshi Macubara and his team at the University Hakodate in choosing words and sentences set the parameters that will be assembled , before the program itself autonomously to ” write” the novel. The jury did not know if the novel was actually written but a robot.

Competition Literary Award Hoshi Shinichi this year for the first time included the works created by platforms for artificial intelligence, and there was 11 cases reported from total of 1450 who participated in the contest.

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