Goodbye for messy polished nails !

Young girl from South Carolina decided to help all the ladies and simplify the process when comes to nails polishing. No more stained carpets and our favorite clothing.

The new bracket is in the form of a ring and comes in cheerful colors – pink, mint and intense blue.

Nail Polish Holder

Nail Polish Holder

It is made of long lasting silicone and in one part there are two soft rings , which are adjusted to the width of the toes. At the top is actually the holder, or ” crown”, which holds the nail polisher in a vertical position, even when you move the arm. It also provides the nails staying neat .

Holder adapts to each of the 250 different bottles that manufacturers on the market.

To get off from your hand, you need to press both side wings.

For now, the invention is only available online, and the price is around $ 15.


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