The internet is freaking out for the the ”Mug Pizza”

Just when we thought that the pizza can not become more awesome, they managed to surprise us again! Since this time the pizza arrive in a glass and and its done literally in 2 minutes, it sounds incredible, but try and you will be convinced that is not only  equally delicious, but also very succinctly than the one that comes in pieces.

Everything you need for preparing this delicious dish is a cup , spoon and ingredients that you probably already have at home . The process of combining the ingredients you only need approximately a minute, and just as for the baking.

Mug Pizza

Mug Pizza

We know it sounds like a fairy tale , but this is currently the most popular recipe on the Internet.

You need the following ingredients:

» 4 tablespoons flour

»¼ teaspoon baking powder

» Finger baking soda

»¼ teaspoon salt

» 3 tablespoons milk

»1 tablespoon olive oil

» 1 tablespoon tomato sauce

»1 tablespoon packed grated cheese

» 5 sheets mini sausage

»½ teaspoon mixture of spices ( oregano, basil , pepper or spices if desired )


First mix the flour, baking powder, baking soda and the salt and add it in milk and oil and mix with a fork until a you get dough. Through the dough put the tomato sauce , cheese , sausage ( or any other meats) and put all spices. Place in the microwave for a minute and 10-20 seconds , or until you see those wonderful bubbles appear.

Take a tablespoon , place your yogurt and enjoy the fastest and the most delicious breakfast EVER!

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