Would you like to sleep with the sharks ? Yes, it’s possible!

Aquarium in Paris offers the opportunity to spend the night in the first underwater bedroom surrounded by sharks. Be without care, they will not bite you…

Can you imagine a better place to relax than the one in which you are in a glass aquarium amid huge pool which is home to long toothed big beautiful sharks ?

Underwater Bedroom

Underwater Bedroom












Well, probably you can , but this certainly is a chance to experience something with a little more adrenaline of going to an “ordinary” lodging.

The program is such that every night, two people will have the opportunity to ” sleep with the fishes ” in the glass tank is ten meters below the surface of a huge pool. Before you go to sleep surrounded by sharks and three million liters of water, host and organizer of all this, Fred Boyle, will stroll through the aquarium and will give a lecture about the importance of sharks in the ocean ecosystem, writes British “Mirror”.

Then , you will have the opportunity to enjoy an intimate dinner amidst the aquarium , but we suggest that if you decide to move , you do not watch scary movies about sharks.

You gotta watch the video below its insane:


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