Why Does Time Fly?

Research shows that time is passing fastest when are we are in our 40’s and slowest in our childhood and adolescence years. It seems that a work week goes by in a blink of an eye. Your birthday is coming , and the only thing you have in mind is how it is possible that you are already blowing 40 candles. Suddenly , you find that time really flies, as they say. But scientifically it is proven that as we age, our time passes more quickly.

Time Flies

Time Flies

As in early 1890’s , psychologist William James explained that as we age, time is accelerating because the adult has fewer events to remember. Unlike in childhood where things are happening for the first time, the departure of school, traveling for the first time etc., making it seem that the time passes quickly.

On the other hand, because of lacking new experiences in adulthood we get an impression that the days and weeks are converging. Additional answer given over the research at the University of Munich in 2005. All participants, regardless of age, believe that the time expressed by smaller intervals as weeks or months pass more quickly. But when the respondents were asked about the actual speed of time passing in the past decade, scientists noticed almost immediately that the elderly often said that the time has passed very fast.

This research states that fastest passing years are when we are in our 40’s and 50’s,  after that the feeling of time passing stays in constant meaning it does not change for the rest of the life.

Psychologists have an explanation for this paradoxical phenomenon that ” a year passes, and the day is still here .” During the monotonous and very familiar everyday activities such as waiting in queues or travel to work , time is appearing to stay still because its not happening anything new, and the brain does not have any information that could process them . Therefore, quality holidays and spent time traveling looks like it spent significantly slower, because experiencing new things.

Alas that is the trick . We may slow down time with us paying attention to our surroundings and perceiving everything around us.

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