Did you know that you do this while you sleep ?

Every night you lie down to rest, but did you know that in this process, too, you can learn ?

New research published in “Science” shows that sleep can best time to consolidate learning or skills acquired . Whether you’re studying French language to program and even perfecting a skill, sleep may help you achieve better results.

While you sleep, the brain works on processing and preservation of everything you have learned during the day. Sure, you can learn something new during sleep, but it is possible to improve and strengthen the learning process.

Beside that, during sleep the brain links new information with existing information already stored in the brain, and you can apply what have you learned in many different ways.

Involving the senses while you learn and sleep have been shown as a way to improve the relationship between the brain where memories are created, and the part where memories are stored .

Whether applying techniques of sleep can become our next method to improve learning ? Why not?




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