Ancient civilizations did not recognized all that the colors that we know now !

The very interesting thing is that the Ancient civilizations had no word for blue. It was the last color that appeared in many languages, including Greek , Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew .

substances; colors; colorful

substances; colors; colorful

In the ” Odyssey ,” Homer describes the sea ” as dark wine .” According to one linguist that we are not going to mention , each culture begins with the words for dark and light, and then they describe the color red, and yellow and green , and finally blue . Does this mean that you really can not see anything unless you have a word for it ?

This may be true. The Himba tribe in Namibia has no word for blue. In a experiment psychologist Gilles Davidoff did a research including the tribe and concluded that without a word of a certain color is more difficult to distinguish that color of the rest. So maybe people saw the color, but they did not distinguished it like different.

Look at the amazing video below:

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