Are you emotionally intelligent?


Many people were confused, when the concept of emotional intelligence was discussed for the first time, labeling it, hoax psychology. However, after a while, it proved that emotional intelligence is quite important and as equal as the intelligence we poses as individuals.

How can we find out whether and to what extent are we emotionally intelligent?

You are curious about others

Regardless of whether you are introvert or extrovert, emotionally intelligent people are curious for the people around them. Not for their lives, but the way they express themselves, the way they treat others, and the way they see/understand things. This curiosity comes from empathy, which is one of the biggest indicators of high Emotional Intelligence. The more you care about other people, the higher the level of your emotional intelligence will get!

Know your weaknesses and strengths

Emotionally intelligent people know very well what they are good at and where they have certain weaknesses. They also know what and how it affects them (situations and people). Having high EI indicates that you know your strengths and know how to rely on them in certain situations, but also, on which friends you can rely on when you can’t on yourself.

You judge characters too good

Big part of the emotional intelligence derives from social awareness, or the ability to read people, to think about their stories, but also to make an effort to understand what they are going through. Over time, these skills will make you an excellent judge of character. People are not a mystery to you. You just know how to read and understand them, even for those things that are hidden below the surface.

You can’t be offended easily

If you know yourself, it’s hard for others to offend you. Emotionally intelligent people are open and self-confident. Not only that they are not offended easily, but many times they make jokes at their own expense.

You don’t keep rage in your inner self

Negative emotions that cause anger and rage are actually the result of stress! Just thinking about negative situations it sends a message to the body to build up anger, then the body sends a message to the mind, not allowing you to be optimistic.

Emotionally intelligent people are aware of the stress effects and they don’t allow it to affect their lives.

You neutralize negative people

Emotionally intelligent people do not allow themselves to be enlisted in a drama caused by negative people; they possess mechanisms that have the power to neutralize people who cause stress and have a negative impact on their day. Emotionally intelligent people start their morning grateful for what they have, and thus draw their power to not allow negative people to be a major part of their work.

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