Truths and misconceptions about carbonated water – is it bad for health?


Results published from a study of carbonated water will cool you off.

Bubbles are not hydrated ?

According to Dr. Susan Gargan of the University of South Carolina, bubbles of mineral water do not prevent hydration of the body. Moreover, a study showed that after an intense workout, soda complements lost fluid in the same way as non-carbonated water.

Carbonated water is bad for teeth and bones ?

Carbonated water can destroy tooth enamel if it is consumed in large quantities. So if you not drink ” a gallon ” of carbonated water every day – you are safe.

Make you fatter ? 

It is true that all these bubbles cause bloating, but this is temporary and long-term even positively. Scientists have found that carbonated water can more saturate you from ordinary water, especially on an empty stomach. The more you feel fuller, less nibble “on the side “. But avoid soda with flavors and sweeteners.

Causes acid ?

Scientists exposed the myth that all that effervescent water causes acid in the stomach. If you are prone to this problem, you need to avoid the food that causes acid rather than mineral water. But if you already suffer from acid in the stomach, bubble can worsen it.

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