Woman went to the doctor with stomach pain, but everyone was surprised when they saw 12,000 of these inside of her.

Minati Mondal, a woman from Kolkota, India at age 51 had stomach pain and acid reflux for 2 months.

She went to the doctor and the scans showed that she has gallstones. Doctors were shocked when after the surgical intervention they found 11,950 stones inside of her. This is a new world record and the samples will be kept in London.

Even with the ultrasound tests, it was clear that she was suffering from serious condition on gallstones.

These gallstones are actually a mass made of cholesterol and salts in a form of small balls. They were found in the gallbladder – small organ underneath the liver. In some cases you can have normal life without having any symptoms or even noticing the gallstones. But when they start to block the gallbladder they can cause serious pain and nausea and even fatal infection.

While gallstones are common, a fatty diet can increase the risk, especially in women.

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