HOLLYWOOD is crazy for fermented food ! CHECK OUT WHY !

Fermented cheese.

Fermented cheese.

Fermentarians. Who are they? These are the people who believe that their body most pleasing food is which is in the process of decay.

This comes from California, actors, singers and other famous people lately are completely “crazy” in this philosophy.

Fermentation is actually anaerobic metabolism in which comes to degradation of natural molecules such as sugar and glucose. In the process gets lactate, acid and ethanol.

Composition with jars of pickled vegetables. Marinated food

Composition with jars of pickled vegetables. Marinated food

And among the most fermented foods are coffee, chocolate, yogurt, cheese, sour cabbage, pickles.

Scientists from Cambridge University have proven that if you regularly consume fermented dairy products with low fat content, such as yogurt and cheese, significantly reducing its risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and 25 percent!

What exactly happens in the process of fermentation ?

When certain foods we leave to ferment , good bacteria and fungi start to begin to eat food before us, so we shattered sugars and starches, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

Some lay lactic acid, a natural preservative that stimulate intestinal good bacteria formation. So fermented foods actually becomes a natural antibiotic.

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