Do Not Throw The Peel Of A Tangerine: It Works Wonders.

If you are troubled by a sore throat or cough , and home have natural non-synthesized  tangerines, their peel can do wonders for our organism.













Here’s what to do if you want to use the peel of tangerines as medicine:

  • Grind 50 grams of tangerine peel and put the mixture in a jar
  • Over the grinded peel pour over a glass of water
  • Close the jar and let it stand for a week in a dark place
  • Take one teaspoon per meal after you eat a teaspoon of honey

These are other reasons mandarins are super fruits:

  1. With tangerines you can achieve the optimum vitamin because 100 grams of tangerines has 30 milligrams of vitamin C. This fruit has low energy value, and is also rich in fiber, which improves digestion.
  2. Tangerines are good for eyesight, but also proved as a good antioxidant.
  3. If you know your way around a kitchen,you can make and sauce out of tangerines, who can be served in combination with a salad.

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