Are You Skinny And You Think That You Don’t Need To Exercise…… You Are WRONG !!!

Many skinny people, are ashamed of the fact that are skinny and have slender frame, and many think that the way to go around this and pack a few of kilograms is to do nothing and eat fatty and trashy food. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Every person needs to have exercising as an important and mustn’t miss routine on daily basis. Many people think that exercising  is only for those who need to drop some weight so they can fit in there new summer dresses or pants. No matter of the gender, or how old are you and where are you exercise is for EVERYBODY!!! Remember that. Cardio exercise is one of the most important ones: Running, bicycling ,swimming …. all of these are required when you want to burning fa, but even if you are skinny and you don’t need to burn fat exercising its still  highly recommend.

Here are some of the important reasons why you need to exercise no matter what:

  1. In this modern times many people are living vigorously and fast, they do not have time to spot they are constantly moving, so to endure this and not fill light headed exercising in this case will give you ENERGY to go through your day like a lion.
  2. Stress is the disease of the 21st century. Working out can decrease the chances of any heart disease.
  3. Going through the various climate changes many of us gets the ordinary cold, some allergies, the common flu. Well with regular exercising we build out our immune system, and therefore we are stronger to fight off anything that comes at us.
  4. Any of us felt down sometimes, even is financial, we had our broke, our friends disappointing us. Well STOP IT, get up and start exercising. Studies show that being fit fights off depression and makes us see events in a new light.
  5. Have you heard or experienced insomnia? Well if you did you are not exercising. Work out, run, jump in the day time, fight off your laziness and have a good tight sleep at night like you are supposed to.
  6.  If you are skinny now thanks to your speedy metabolism, that doesn’t mean that you will have it all of your life. You can gain weight as you age, start exercising to prevent gaining weight in the future.
  7. When cardio comes to word, remember to do it 4-5  a week, but don’t do it for long 30 minutes a day is enough.
  8. If you want more flattering bigger muscly body, go to a gym, and add more weights in your exercising routine, but first make sure that you do it with a trainer, there is lots of important stuff to learn before you can start doing them by yourself.


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