Are You Stressed? Follow This Steps And Ease Your Stress Level In Just 1 Minute

Stress in the disease of the 21st century. Stress disturbs and throw us out of balance of our physical and mental condition. Are you sick and tired of coming home nervous from work and vice versa ? Do these following steps and be stress free and enjoy your well deserved day.

Stressed Out

Stressed Out








  1. Make attempts to breathe in and exhale out deeply through your nose. That way you purify, heat up and wet the air.
  2. Lie down or sit down in a position that makes you feel safe and comfortable. In that particular position in slow pace the muscles on your legs, hips, stomach, chest, arms and neck start to relax.
  3. Deep focus on your breathing and relaxation. When you feel relaxed enough take a deep breath and let your belly raise up a bit, and then breath out slowly and let your belly suck in.

Apply this 3 simple steps twice a day ( Every time with 10 breath ins repeat ) in a course of one week or more. Or every time when you think you need a quick stress relief solution.

Breathing like this helps you concentrate and point your mind and your body to more productive things. Also you can decrease your blood pressure, heart rhythm, helps you in good and smooth blood flow throughout your body and this relieve your from stress.

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