What Happens To Your Body When You Do Not Drink Enough Water ?

To satisfy your thirst , it is best to take a glass of plain water. However, we always tend to forget this natural source of health to include in our daily routine. If you notice any of the following signs below, then it means that your body lacks water.

  1. Dry mouth

The obvious sign of thirst is manifested by dryness of the mouth, tongue and oral cavity and it means that your body is dehydrated. If you’ve ever gone too far with alcohol, then you know you need water the very next morning. You should listen to your body and satisfy its needs.

2. Dry skin

Water is not only necessary on the skin, but if you do not drink enough water, it can be followed with serious consequences for the skin. Moreover, lack of water reduces the chance for the body to sweat and to keep out toxins form the body.

3. Dry eyes

Lack of water is manifested through the eyes  also which they  become red because of dryness .

4. Joints ache

Cartilage and spinal discs containing 80% water. If you want to prevent uncomfortable rubbing on bone, then you should drink adequate amounts of water.

5. Reduction of muscle mass

Muscle contain significant amounts of water. Less water in the body is automatically associated with a decrease in muscle mass. Regular drinking water before, during and after exercise enables the body to provide fuel to maintain and reduce the impact of disease.

6. Feeling tired

Drowsiness, fatigue and lethargy are additional symptoms of a lack of water in your body. When drinking inadequate amount of water, the body  is “borrowing ” from other available organs because they feel bad and slowly recovering from diseases.

7. Hunger attacks

Dehydration can lie to your brain, so it sends a message to the body saying that its hungrt. Therefore we are caught in hunger attack at any time of day and night, even in our sleep.

8. Indigestion

Water  gets the digestive system wet, and the appropriate amount of water can prevent intestinal problems. If you do not drink enough water, then you will face heartburn.

9. Reduced need for going to the toilet

Water shortages affect the need to go to the bathroom. If you go to WC 4 to 7 times during the day, then drink plenty of water.

10. Signs of premature aging

Water shortages affect your face. As it affects the skin, it becomes exposed to temporary wrinkles, loses its elasticity and thus result appearance of aging.

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