Spaghetti With Pesto Genovese

Pesto Genovese is one of the most famous sauces for pasta and a typical Italian meal its wonderful and amazing exotic taste will leave you wanting more when you finish your plate.

Pesto GenoveseIngredients:

  • 400 g . spaghetti
  • 20 grams butter
  • 40 g . fresh basil
  • 40 g . pine nuts
  • 40 g , Pecorino cheese
  • 40 g . grated Parmesan cheese
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 100 ml . olive oil
  • Salt if needed


  • Boil the spaghetti in already salted water
  • In a blender place the basil the pine nuts, cheese , garlic and oil and blend them good. Place the mixture into porcelain bowl.
  • In larger skillet melt the butter, then add 2 to 3 tablespoons of the sauce. Mix it nice and add the spaghetti in the water.
  • Spaghetti with pesto Genovese  are served with grated Parmesan.

*Pesto Genovese sauce can also be used on top of a slice of bread or good prepared fish.


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