What Happens To The Body When You Sit Too Long ?

Allocating time for rest and seating is important, but too much of this has negative effects. Sitting all day can negatively affect the body in many ways, including the following that we are going to talk in a few moments.



  • Digestion problems

Many times , people who sit for long periods eat while sitting. Sitting down after eating can slow digestion and slow digestion may cause many minor issues.

  • Problems with posture

Sitting for long periods can cause pain in the shoulders, neck and back and mos certainly can cause bad posture. The more time you sit, the greater the chance that you will have bad posture. Most often, while at the computer, people are flocking neck and shoulders, thereby causing pain.

  • Problems with the legs

Inactivity and increased seating can cause circulation problems, edema, weak bones and even osteoporosis. Be active and maintain the circulation of the blood. During breaks get up and scroll .

  • Muscle problems

In general, the more active you are, the stronger you become. The active life retains flexibility. Rest after exercise can be good, but do not forget to stretch the muscles. With seating suffer long leg muscles , and stomach , hips and so on.

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