Here’s how to recognize a heart attack a month before it happens

One of main causes of death in the world it’s a heart attack. Stress, unhealthy diet and rapid life significantly contribute for it to happen, but fortunately there are ways symptoms of time to recognize and change the fatal outcome.

chest pain


When we have a concatenation of arteries, the heart gets significantly less blood than it is accustomed, and because of that it works harder than it need, and you feel constant fatigue and exhaustion every day.


If your heart gets less blood than it is accustomed, it means that your lungs get less oxygen than they used to. These two systems depend on one another, which means if you have a problem with breathlessness, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Dizziness and cold sweat

Poor circulation also affects the flow of blood to the brain. This is very risky and initially causes dizziness and confusion. You must not ignore it !

Chest pain

In your chest you have pressure that has nowhere to go and it is one of the most important symptoms that may not ignore it. If you feel it, be sure to see a doctor !




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