Your hair is turning gray ?! Here’s how to restore natural hair color.

As people age, their skin is changing their and their hair is turning gray. This is the natural aging process and it is impossible to avoid, but there are ways in which it can be slowed down.

A few words for gray hair

Your hair becomes gray when it begins to lose the natural pigment known as melanocytes, which gives the natural hair color. Although that is a natural process, it can be caused by many other factors such as genetics, stress, malnutrition or health disorders, as well as some bad choices in lifestyle.

If you respect the following advice, you will restore you natural hair color for sure.

The more you smoke the more your hair is gray

Speaking of bad choices in lifestyle, we thought it was this – smoking. Smoking accelerates the aging process of the body, including hair. The first thing to do is to quit this bad habit.

Say goodbye to alcohol, coffee and junk food ! 

Too much alcohol caffeine, and fast foods are harmful to the health and hair. They just can cause premature aging. Avoid fast food, limit your intake of white flour and refined sugar. This food reduces the level of energy, not receive anything in return from them. Your hair needs healthy foods to stay young.

You need water

If you are sufficiently hydrated, nutrients can not easily reach your hair follicles. That lack of hydration can cause premature whitening of the hair.

 Your menu needs food rich with iodine

The iodine is important mineral for your hair. Food rich with iodine are banana, carrot, spinach and fish.

Good mattress – less gray hair

A good sleep at night is a great way to reduce stress and keep the body young.


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