Hazardous To Health: 4 Signs That You Eat Too Much Salt.

The following signs can show you that you endanger your health with eating too much salt:

1. You have kidney problems. Sodium affects kidney function and the excessive amount of salt and sodium aggravates kidney stones. Experts say that individuals who have kidney problems should limit salt intake to a maximum of one teaspoon per day and depending on the severity of health problems, the amount should be even smaller.

2. Suddenly you feel bloated and swollen. Just a day exaggerating the intake of salt can cause swelling in people who have health problems. The swelling is caused by accumulation of fluid , and it can cause high sodium intake located in salt.

3. You feel thirsty very often. Foods high in sodium ( chips, pizza , etc. ) will affect the balance in your body and will make you thirsty. When you eat these foods try to enter more water to give your body what it craves at that moment – liquid. If the sensation of thirst is insatiable, then seek advice from a doctor because it is one of the quiet symptoms of diabetes.

4. Excessive salt intake badly affects the health of our heart and blood vessels, and one of the consequences is high blood pressure.

Tip: Experts say that every day we should not consume more than 5 grams of salt (quantity collects in a tea spoon) and sodium intake would not be allowed to exceed 2 grams. When you salt your food do it with your finger because it’s easier to  control the amount which you add to the food.

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