How To Get The Nicotine Out Of Your Body ?!

We are all aware of the negative effects of tobacco and nicotine in our body. If you stop smoking or you are an avid smoker, the fastest way to clean the body from nicotine is with these fresh and delicious foods.

oms1. Green tea and vitamin water

With the smoking the body itself loses fluids and we can experience dehydration. Drinking large amounts of water or a green tea will wash out the nicotine from the body and help you to persevere your health.

2. Kiwi and lemon

Besides losing fluids, smoking will deplete your Vitamin A; C and E which they act as fighters against various infections and bacteria. To fight against a loss of these vitamins, eat a kiwi a day or drink a glass of fresh squeezed lemon every morning.

3. Spinach and broccoli

The folic acid has a key role in our daily development of the body and his normal functions, but also aids the body to get rid of the nicotine. Besides tablets this acid can be found in spinach and we advise also consuming broccoli frequently to add that extra C vitamin and B5.

4. Fresh carrots

Nicotine also destroys the skin and makes it dry and lifeless. If you want to get rid of this terrible side effect the you should consider adding carrots to your daily breakfast, lunch or dinner.. whichever you prefer the most. They contain large amounts of vitamins A; K; C and B whom are main cleansers of the body. You can try putting then in blender with an apple and lemon, or chop them in a salad.. they go with everything really.

5. Orange juice

Who of us doesn’t like orange juice. This refreshment drink hydrates the body, also fuels the body with the necessary vitamins and cleanses the body form nicotine. Freshly squeeze two oranges add a bit of water and drink it between meals.

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