Mix these two ingredients before sleep and you’ll never woke up tired!

During the day, your body is working hard, and therefore during the night sleep is necessary for the body to regenerate.

If every morning you wake up tired and unfriendly, this simple mixture ensures you quality sleep and relaxed body.


There is a simple recipe of only two ingredients from which in the morning you’ll wake up fresh. You only need five teaspoons of raw organic honey and a teaspoon of Himalayan salt. These ingredients mix them and put in a glass jar. Best ratio between honey and Himalayan salt is 5: 1, but it can adjust according to your taste, so if you do not fit.


All you need to do is just a little of this mixture every night before bedtime and put it under your tongue and let it melt. This works because Himalayan salt contains more than 80 minerals and elements that are needed for your body and various processes that help the body through the night to recover. On the other hand, honey contains glucose which fills the cells with energy. In addition, this mixture enhances the secretion of serotonin, and even nicer to relax and to recover the body.

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