These are the biggest mistakes people make while trying to lose weight

Are you one of those people that are trying to lose weigh but not succeeding and not because of lack of trying? You starve yourself to extreme limits, you give up from your favorite sweets, you exercise regularly without results? If there are no results maybe just maybe its because you are making the basics mistakes. These are some of those mistakes….

  1. Exaggerating with ”health food”

You switched from white bread to ‘rye, sunflower oil with olive oil, your sweet snacks with dry nuts, grapes etc… This is all fantastic and very healthy, but only if you have some limit instead of letting yourself go and eating a lot of those foods. You need to remember if something is healthy we don’t need to exaggerate with, always leave some wiggle room 🙂


2. Not enough sleep


If you sleep less than seven hours, you slow down your metabolism, disrupt the hormones and your chance of losing weight will significantly decrease.



3. Too much exercise

Many of us will say there is no such thing as too much exercise, but older and wiser people will say everything has it’s limits. Not just that even the experts will argue that losing weight depends around 80% of what you eat, and the rest of 20% of what you do i.e exercising, physical activity. While if you think that you can eat whatever you want and then go to the gym work it all out, you are wrong.


4. Early dinner


Most of the experts will say that ideally the dinner should be finished by 18:00, but if you go to bed after midnight until then you will get hungry again and you will reach out in the fridge for that late snack. In fact 70% of all the calories that we intake are in the meals before dinner. In this case you might say that the rest of 30% won’t matter if we intake them in 18:00 or 23:00, but still the earlier we dine the better for us.

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