Three hidden stress sources that you may not be aware of

Work obligations, family problems and social life are the most common sources of stress that we are aware of, but we should pay attention to those that stay hidden or some refer them as silent killers.

1.You don’t pay enough attention on your diet

Often we forget that the psychological stress is a result from physical stress, and it in turn, causes poor care for the body and our health. One of the main components of good health is proper nutrition. It mostly means that you must eat a variety of foods, but remember to eat regularly i.e do not skip meals, and most importantly do not try to sub healthy food with fast food. Because that way you do even more damage to you physical and mental health.

2. You are too critical of yourself

We live in a surreal society and tough times which sometimes it makes us to dream for some unreal expectations. And when we are not able to succeed in those expectations we ourselves are becoming our worst critic and enemy. We feel like we are no good, worthless…but when you think about the cause of this is not accomplishing goals that are not ours in the first place. Stop criticizing yourself, make a daily note of your qualities and plan your life according your own wishes, not according the wishes to society and what others expect of you.

3. You do not own the strength to get rid of your toxic friends

It is very hard to put and end to a relationship that makes feel miserable, but this one of the things that every human being goes through with this change at least once in a lifetime for the good of their own future. Do you have friends that criticize your every move, do not share the joy of your own luck and they encourage you to make the worst possible decisions? Those people are toxic and you don’t need them in tour peaceful circle.

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